3D Printed Enclosure for FYSETS S6 #fysetc



here is a first version of my 3D printed enclosure - some tuning is needed, as soon as everything fits nicely together I will release CAD data and stl files. This thread will keep all the updates. 


- modular design - each side has its own part
- pritability
- easy to modify and customize
- accomodates 40mm fan
- plenty of space for connectors and extension boards
- 2 main option for mounting to tripod - horizontally/vertically
- 4 status 5mm LEDs

What is done:
- basic concept is verified
- space requirements verified
- conectors positions verified

- back and front panel
- prepare CAD data for stripped versions
  • Without any holes/entries on sides
  • Only with fan inlet/ outlet
  • Fan inlet/ outlet and leds
  • My current setup - 2.5mm jacks for 12V outputs (reticle LED, due heater), GX12-4pin for RA, DEC, FOCUSER, GX12-2pin for power, GX-6pin for ST4/SHC, fan and 4 LEDs

Why not RJ connectors? I am HW engineer and use of RJ as power connectors  is kinda against good manners, for ST4 why not. Second reason - I have seen too many issues and failures.....Same for CINCH connectors for heaters :)



And here are some pictures:

Andreas Haug

Hello Martin,

thanks for the nice design of the enclosure and the design of your Control solution.
I have checked the documentation (Google drive - ppt file) and have the following Questions:

- what is the PPS (PSS?) Signal (GPS Unit) which goes to EXP2 ? I could not find the description of this Signal in the TS100 documentation..
- how do you connect the Kathode of the GPS Status Led ? Did you open the TS100 box to connect it ? If not - which contact can be used on the TS100 unit ?
- What About the RX, SCL and SDA cable ? Do they not Need to be connected ?
- Can you check the cable Color of the TX cable ? I do not have blue Color on my TS100 unit but orange Color. Position on the mini pix connector is the same as blue.
- In the documentation of the TX100 there is a mix of TX and RX Color. The side which connects to the box is RX white, the side which connects to the mini Pix RX is blue ???

Could you please provide some information on my questions ?




I will keep it short:

- TS100 doesnt have PPS signal - It is there just for illustration (at the moment I am testing another GPS module with PPS)
- LEDs are connected as you said - directly to the GPS module :)
- GPS module just sends messages - you need just RX pin from module and TX
- Follow the pin positionm not color :)
- It is UART - one side is TX and the other is RX - receiver/transmitter