MaxPCB2 steppers going backwards and forth #define


Hi Everyone, 
 Over the last 2 months I've built Howard's MaxPCB2 using the easyEDA PCB service from JLCPCB. The options I opted for was Weemos D1 WiFi, TMC2130 v1.2 SPI enabled steppers and the DS3231 clock module. For the focuser and motorised bahtinov mask I'm using a DRV8825 (currently not installed as I need to 3D print the mounts) the final install will sit on my Celestron GT mount. (Eq5). I'm using 1.8° 3.85v nominal 1.5A steppers. Everything seems to be working fine I can connect using the web server on PC and also the App. So now the problem. The steppers dont seem to be rotating in a given direction. The step pulses to the motors seem to make the steppers go one step CW one step ACW. If I use the slew on max speed they seem the catch the field rotation at a certain frequency whilst accelerating but is lost the second it goes too fast. They also have zero torque even and can spin the opposite direction if I try spinning the output shaft the opposite way whilst trying to do the above. I've tried DRV8825, A4988 and the original TMC2130s changing the code each time they all have the same issue. I've tried checking all connections. Even down to the steppers by taking them apart to ensure I'm powering the right coils even though I made the LED and continuity checks. Has anyone ever had this type of problem. 

Kind Regards 

Howard Dutton

Check wiring/cables, with 8 wires two per stepper lead it's easy to mess up.