ESP8266 and MDNS

Karin Johnson <karinann@...>

New to this group.  Using NodeMCU with ESP8266.  Have written a few code samples with IDE and things seem to work fine.
Mainly getting used to this little device.  Have years of experience with more powerful IDE like Visual Studio and Linux compilers.
This one has me baffled as there doesn't seem to be much info on using MDNS.  Most of the code examples given are repeats of
the same examples someone else has written.  Need some pointers on getting MDNS to work.  I can use the IP address of the
module to get in to the web server I have created, and get responses and am able to control the LEDs on board.
But when using MDNS  like "esp8266.local" in a browser the returned web page display on the browser is blank and some of
the debugging code i have included in the source code never gets executed, indicating that some of the MDNS code is not
being accessed.   Any advice.

Karin Anne Johnson  P.E.
Palm Harbor, FL

Khalid Baheyeldin

Is this something to do with OnStep, the telescope controller?
Or is it a general question about ESP8266 with code that is not part of the OnStep project?

Seems like the latter to me, based on a Google search, and off topic for this group.

Karin Johnson <karinann@...>