Increase the load bearing capacity of iOptron Smart EQ Pro mount from 5Kg to 10Kg #iOptron


Hello all,
I currently own skywatcher star adventurer pro & 
Most of my energy is spent on doing polar alignment as I don't have visual on Polaris ( located @ 9.6741° N, 76.3401° E). After spending sometimes hours on polar alignment when I manually slew to a target it spoils the polar alignment again. Maybe my technic is wrong but now I am planning to upgrade to a mount that has GO-TO capacity by default and has a minimal cost.
My default choice is  iOptron Smart EQ Pro but its load-bearing capacity is only 5 kgs my question if replace the stock motor with a superior stepper motor and drive the system via onstep can I increase its load capacity to 10 kgs

Many thanks in advance 

Khalid Baheyeldin

Load capacity is not determined by the motors (alone).
It also depends on the mount's construction, the gears, and the bearings.
So just changing the motors will not be enough.

A CG5/EQ5 type mount is considered the smallest practical mount for OnStep.