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The first thing to do is look through the Onstep showcase where several CGE's have been converted.  One thing you will notice is that they are all different.

There is no programming per se, only configurations depending on the controller you decide to use and any sensors you may want to change.  For example, retain the home/ limit switches or use something else.

The main issue will be space.  Some of the CGE conversions required a bit of metal removal in the motor housings to fit things in when using nema 17 motors.  All that I have seen required modification of the worm mount.

This is something that you don't probably want to do to a working CGE.  But if you have a dead motor or motor controller board, you may have no choice if you can't repair them or find second hand replacements.  A motor control board may be salvageable wirh a little electronic know how and ingenuity although it contains preprogrammed proprietary chips with firmware installed.  Not much you can do if one of those us fried but it is typically something else.

Bad motors are the real killer since Pittman will not sell you one from what I have read and Celestron would charge you a small fortune even if they had any.

I was able to ressurect a failing RA motor on my CGE that was running slower than normal and throwing no response codes by simply disassembling and cleaning the crud on the commutator.  If the windings are not open or shorted, you may be able to salvage to motor.  There are often similar motors on eBay that either have the same gear reducer or even the same encoder.  I bought 2 motors on eBay for a few bucks that had identical encoders (at least the electronic board).

I was considering the Onstep mod to my CGE but since ir is now largely repaired, I'm holding off.

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I don't know where to start. I am not an expert at electronics and only a computer technician but I could be a quick learner for DIY conversion. I would appreciate if someone that has successfully converted their Celestron CGE mount make a detailed list of all the electronic components, motors and parts needed for the conversion. Furthermore, if there is any programming involved and where I could find sources with links. Moreover, if possible tell me what to look for and the pitfalls during and after the conversion that could happen and how to find a solution. I know it's a lot to ask but it would save me lot of time trying to find the appropriate components and possibly avoid making mistakes. Also, I would focus more on putting it all together and enjoy doing the conversion. Thanks.