Reticle LED on Fysetc S6 #fysetc


Hello everyone :)

My first post here. I am owner of EQ5 which I am working on right now to implement Onstep - based on Fysetc S6 board. So far, steppers, gps, status led 1 and their configuration runs as expected.

I would like to add reticle LED control as well. I see it is marked as not verified on wiki page. I checked the code and havent found anything bad:

- pin is correct PC7 (shared with status led 2 - that is OFF in my config)
- in is configured as output
- i set reticle LED brightness to 128
- Pin shall have timer4 and timer8 accessible so pwm shall be possible


Reticle LED is solid on, I cant control it from android app...

Can anyone point me what should I check or modify to make it work?