3D Printed Enclosure for FYSETS S6 #fysetc



here is a first version of my 3D printed enclosure - some tuning is needed, as soon as everything fits nicely together I will release CAD data and stl files. This thread will keep all the updates. 


- modular design - each side has its own part
- pritability
- easy to modify and customize
- accomodates 40mm fan
- plenty of space for connectors and extension boards
- 2 main option for mounting to tripod - horizontally/vertically
- 4 status 5mm LEDs

What is done:
- basic concept is verified
- space requirements verified
- conectors positions verified

- back and front panel
- prepare CAD data for stripped versions
  • Without any holes/entries on sides
  • Only with fan inlet/ outlet
  • Fan inlet/ outlet and leds
  • My current setup - 2.5mm jacks for 12V outputs (reticle LED, due heater), GX12-4pin for RA, DEC, FOCUSER, GX12-2pin for power, GX-6pin for ST4/SHC, fan and 4 LEDs

Why not RJ connectors? I am HW engineer and use of RJ as power connectors  is kinda against good manners, for ST4 why not. Second reason - I have seen too many issues and failures.....Same for CINCH connectors for heaters :)



And here are some pictures: