Recovery of parameters Now focuser question.

Wayne Hilliard

Thanks Khalid,
I tried the commands you specified and the :GXA1# and :GXA2# only returned a single zero so I said to heck with it and uploaded the new firmware. RA and Dec seem to be fine. But now my focuser is messed up. Either that or It's fine and I don't understand the new options in Indi control panel when it comes up. Bear in mind I don't use Android or Windows so all I have to control this is Kstars/Ekos/indilib.  The focuser motor energizes, when I click mid-point on the focuser control in the Indi control panel the motor moves half the limits in the OnStep configuration file. But nothing else seems to work.

The version of OnStep I was using was pretty old and it seems like there has been quite a bit of change in how OnStep treats the focuser. The focuser is a simple stepper coupled to the focus threaded rod that moves the mirror in my C8.
Anybody have any advice?

Wayne Hilliard

On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 11:50 AM Khalid Baheyeldin <kbahey@...> wrote:
On Sat, Dec 26, 2020 at 08:38 AM, Wayne Hilliard wrote:
Recently I had a computer crash that wiped out the OS on the Intel Nuc that I use to control my telescope in my observatory. I also lost my configuration of my Arduino that I used to program the onstep controller. Is there any way I can recover the parameters stored in the MKS Gen-l board. I don't need that much just the Axis 1 axis 2 and axis 4 (focuser settings) actually I don't need them so much as I want to use them to check what I've set in the new Onstep code before I upload the code to the MKS!
From the IDE's Serial Monitor, try the following:

This should return the steps per worm rotation for the RA.

Then try these:


It should return a series of numbers. Post them here and we will decode them.