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Jose Ricra Mayorca <jricram@...>

Good morning everyone
I want to motorize a German equatorial mount telescope. I would like some advice to achieve this. I have the following: 1 arduino nano 2 driver tmc 2209 mks 2 nema 23 200 stepper motors optionally I have a 32: 1 speed reducer the RA telescope crown has 144 teeth. According to the following worksheet: Step resolution must be between 0.15 and 1.25 "/ step Based on this, you could directly couple the stepper motor shaft to the RA axis with 1/64 microstep, you would get 0.7 "/ step. Would it be enough or better to use a reducer? Has anyone used a similar configuration? If someone had the connection diagram it would help me a lot to start the project. Sorry that my English has errors, it is not my native language. 

Khalid Baheyeldin

The Arduino Nano does not work with OnStep. You need to get a supported board.
Before you decide on which one, read the OnStep Wiki, specially the last question in this FAQ.

The resolution needs to be estimated in this spreadsheet. You need to know certain parameters
of the mount (how many teeth for the worm wheel, at a minimium).

Read the Showcase page on the Wiki, then the Construction and pages under it.