OneStep ASCOM driver issue #ascom


Hello from Finland!

I am new to this group and new with onestep too.. I have installed the latest beta version of onestep driver and from ASCOM device hub it connects nicely to the onestep and I am able to set park, slew etc from there.

Problems starts when trying to open SGPro, it wont start at all..

I tried the older ascom driver version (2.0.6) and with this version I am able to open SGPro but not able to connect mount from PHD2 same time with SGPro

With ascom driver ver 1.50 all opens and simultaneous connection works..

Im using Win10 and connected via COM (usb)

All help highly appreciated!

Lloyd Simons

With the new ASCOM driver you don't have to use the device hub. You can connect multiple devices over a single USB. Have you tried not using the device hub?


Hi Simons,

Thanks for your prompt answer! I have tried that too. Actually no SGP nor PHD2 will work if I leave device hub open background..