Onset for GSO 10inch Dobsonian telescope #EQ5 #EQ3

Think ProBuild

Dear sir,
I have GSO 10inch Dobsonian, i want add onset Goto, plzz help me , with step by step tutorial...
Thank you

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Tue, Jun 1, 2021 at 08:57 PM, Think ProBuild wrote:
I have GSO 10inch Dobsonian, i want add onset Goto, plzz help me , with step by step tutorial...
Please don't keep posting the same question multiple times in multiple threads.

There is no step by step tutorial, because there are many mounts, and many boards.

You can start by reading the showcase page. Follow the link to the ones closest to your mount.
Get ideas from them, then proceed ...

Think ProBuild

I think all here.. selfish .

Mike Ahner

On Wed, Jun 2, 2021 at 10:58 PM, Think ProBuild wrote:
I think all here.. selfish .
No one here is selfish, lots of people donate the time to writing the code, designing electronics and help people who are trying to build their own controllers. But no one here has time to do everything for you. You have to do building yourself and others will help if you have questions.

Khalid gave you the link to the Wiki Showcase with many examples of telescopes converted to OnStep.
Here is that link: main@onstep.groups.io | Wiki

And here are 3 examples of 10inch Dobs converted to OnStep.

All of these are similar but different, so that is why no one can tell you exactly how to convert your telescope with tutorial. You have to look at what others have done in the showcase and you have to decide what you can do for your telescope and how much money to spend and how much time to spend.

Like I said in your other post, it might be best for you to buy a commercial goto mount for your telescope.
Take a look at the showcase telescopes and decide if you want to do the work or not.

Mike Ahner

George Cushing sells kits and assembled kits at this link OnStep Controller Kits (stmbluepillkits.com)

But you still have to do the mount's mechanical conversion yourself.