Strange Behavior #wemos #cnc #wmosd1

Johnnie Pattison

Tonight, my mount started exhibiting strange behavior. It's a Wemos R32/CNC v3 build. DIY Equatorial mount. I have been testing and capturing images since Saturday. Tonight, I got all set up and polar aligned. No 3rd party apps. Just OnStep connected to my phone via wifi. I unpark and do a 1 star align to Arcturus. Arcturus is high in the western sky, but OnStep overshoots and is pointing south below the horizon. I select return to home, and it does. I choose Deneb next. It always goes the correct direction, but It overshoots and points south at the horizon. Deneb is almost at zenith. If I return home. It does that successfully. I choose M31. It's at about 30 degrees above the horizon, in the eastern sky. OnStep overshoots and continues until it's pointing at the ground towards south. At this point, return to home causes it to return halfway and park. Another issue. If I unpark when at Home and choose return to home, it rotates both axis, 90 degrees, and parks . Subsequent unpark commands causes it to rotate another 90.  Think I might have a hardware issue.