The latest SGPro does not start with Onstep Switch driver. #ascom

Gintautas Drazdauskas

Just updated the SGPro to the latest version and was surprised by not starting the application. It stops at the "Loading configuration" moment.
In SGPro forum have found the same issue. The guy just removed all simulators, hubs and unused devises and have solved the problem but did not researched the root.
In the log that he provided I have seen the Onstep as well :).
I started to remove devices one by one in the ASCOM Profile Explorer.
And found that after removing the Onstep Switch driver the SGPro starts without any problem.
To be sure, reinstalled the Onstep Ascom driver (1.0.18) - and the problem reappeared again.
Removed the Onstep Switch and everything ok again.
Earlier SGPro version that I used to use did not have this issue.
Is there any way how could I help?