New project (mega+ramps+tb6600+nema 23 #mount


hello, finally, to eliminate some physical defects and for stronger turning force, I managed to run the nema 23 engine integratedly, it seems to be working fine with 32/1 precision now.


Excellent!  Progress is always a great feeling.  Step by step, you will get it assembled and working.


i have a problem right now. How can I mount the nema 23 engine on my firearm? I'm curious about your thoughts on this


This might be the hardest part of the project.  I think this might be an EQ3-2 type mount?  The mount does not seem to be the easiest to mount the motors and pulleys.

Look in the Showcase and see various examples of how others have done theirs:

Roman Hujer's conversion seems to be similar to your mount  He actually has files uploaded to Thinguniverse with 3D printer plans for the mounts.  But you will need access to a printer or possibly see if there is an online vendor that will custom print the mounts for you.
(An EQ3-2 conversion based on Roman's motor mounts) 
Roman's motor mounts


I have 3 d printers, but I'm having trouble making the necessary placement for 23. about drawing


The design I referenced above uses Nema 17 motors which have a different footprint than Nema 23 motors.  You will have to likely design new brackets.  Unfortunately, I am not much help with 3D-printing as I do not have one.  If you have a 3D printer, it might be better to just use the Nema 17 motors versus trying to design custom brackets.

George Cushing

Actually, this is a Jinghua ET-8, also known as the Seben EQ3. Roman converted one of these and there is a very complete page on it posted at the Thingiverse. The ET-8 is quite a bit smaller than the EQ-3, so I agree that NEMA 23s are a bit over sized for it. Although they have been used on it.


nema 23 mount, 40 saniyelik pozlama ile çok iyi bir sonuç ... ve bunun karşılığı yok.