ESP-Link as WiFi serial bridge #wemos #esp32 #wifi #wmosd1 #wemosd1minipro


I have Wemos D1 Mini (clone) development board which I intended to use as SWS, but it looks like it's a faulty one. Tried different firmwares, but even simple blink sketch can't be uploaded, or can be uploaded only right after flashing firmware (tried NodeMCU and others) and it works as long as the board is connected to power. However, there is application-specific frimware ESP-Link which serves as WiFi serial bridge and it looks like it's working. I briefly tested it as wifi serial bridge with OnStep running on ESP32, and it looks like it's working; Stelarium mobile works, OnStep Android app works, ASCOM OnStep IP Address connection is also working. So far I haven't noticed any problems. It even works as virtual local serial port on Windows OS (using USR-VCOM) or on linux, but direct IP connection seems noticably faster. Only downside of this thing is that it can be used only on port 23 or 2323 for serial communication (instead of SWS which works on ports 9999/9998) and there is 5min inactivity timeout hardcoded in NONOS SDK.

Anyone here tried this solution and what are your experiences? How is this different from SWS, aside from web interface which have some specifics like PEC handling, etc?