Recommended initial config settings #tmc2130 #bluepill #configuration


I'm currently building my second Onstep conversion, and would like to ask for some suggested config settings as a start point.
The mount is an old G11. Having read through the topics I could find here, I've tried to select the physical components that have been tried and recommended by others, so I have:
  • Direct motor connection (via bellows couplings)
  • Motors are the Oriental PKP246MD15A2
  • Drivers are TMC2130
  • Controller is STM32F303CC - I'm calling this a "Black and blue pill" as I had to buy a Bluepill, remove the STM32F103C8T6, and solder a separately purchased STM32F303CC in it's place. Don't you love chipageddon?
  • PCB is my own re-spin of Khalid's design that mounts the drivers and Bluepill on the underside of the PCB to allow for easier conduction cooling to the case, and to reduce the size. This is already proven on my previous build.
I'm using 4.24m for now. Total payload is around 15kg (33lb).

Can someone with experience of a similar setup suggest good starting values for?

Howard Dutton

I have the same setup but with a different (faster) controller that has very good cooling of the TMC2130's.  So your situation will be somewhat different...

Id say perhaps tracking microsteps at 64x then goto at 16x (I use 128 and 32.)

IHOLD at 400mA
IGOTO at 600mA (yes that low.)

I use IRUN at 1400mA since the idea is to control the mount motions during tracking with as much authority as possible.  You might have to use a lower current but make it as high as you're comfortable with the TMC2130's and motors handling.


Thanks Howard, just what I was looking for.