Automatically flipping when reaching the ASCOM Meridian W. Limit Value

Peter Boreland

I was under the impression that it was possible to automatically flip the scope upon reaching the ASCOM programmed Meridian W. point.

Presently, the scope stops tracking. I've looked at the options in the config.h file and changed a few things but I cannot achieved this behaviour.

Honestly, I may always rely on NINA to manage the flip and use both the Meridian E. and W. points as safely limits, but it would be nice to have the option. 



I am having the same problem with Ekos.  The flip works but tracking is off after the flip.  This is v4.24h IIRC.  Anyone seen this?  Meanwhile I'll keep looking.


Yes i have the same problem with Ekos Henk (Dutch like me?).
Could you test the HA counter in Ekos?
It updates the time left when the target is synced but the counter stays there without counting down like it is supposed to.