Duplicate Boards everywhere #wemos

Chip Louie

I bought some of these from a vendor here and had issues, they didn't work or were flaky. Then I looked for genuine WeMos d1 minis images and found they were clones. I then went online and looked at the circuit boards of the authentic WeMos d1 mini boards (which BTW are long since discontinued thought still available) and they are different from all of the clones. I found a vendor who sells the authentic boards and asked the vendor to confirm they are authentic WeMos manufactured boards and to send a photo of the actual boards they sell. They were authentic and when I received them they dropped in and worked perfectly. I tossed to fake boards. Yes they cost me twice as much as the clones but they work perfectly and are reliable.

Don't buy clone boards it is not worth the trouble and frustration, most of the problems not caused by incorrect assembly or poor soldering are caused by these clone boards. 


Chip Louie, Chief Daydreamer Imagination Hardware

George Cushing

Genuine CH340s are $0.47 a unit in small lots. Pretty sure that no one in China can counterfeit the ESP32. They are limited to 24nm MOSFET scaling. U.S. fabs are limited to 8nm while Taiwan has fabs working at 4nm. Governments in the U.S. are throwing money into fabs that will be working at 2-4nm. This is in response to the IC shortages and China's threats on Taiwan. Samsung is already producing a 2nm 8 core phone system on a chip (SoC).

China is hobbled as they don't yet have the technology to work at these scales and no one will sell them the tooling and materials needed to work at these scales.

Bit ironic. The first UART-USB chips produced in China were counterfeit Prolific ICs. Once Prolific bricked all the chips made to that design, the CH340 showed up. At first the CH340 wouldn't work with Windows as the driver wasn't "signed." That got sorted out and it's become very common. Now it is the victim of the counterfeiters. 


I am not sure what "OnStep Panel" is? however if you are Using Ascom Onstep driver there is a Tick box to enable DTR which probably generates a reset when it is run.


If you think of ESPDUINO-32 that's not a clone, it's different product just designed to retain pin and shield compatibility with original Uno. This reset on USB connection may be normal behavior for them. There are more, such as Banana Pi BPI-UNO32 from LeeMaker of same characteristics.

Apollo Grandad (Paul)

Can you link to a photo of the modules?
It would interesting to compare with what I have. 



Hey Everyone,
So, Many of you supported me last year during my build of the Wemos+CNCV3 OnStep build which worked well, but even back then I was reporting the issue of having to reset the board everytime I connect the USB, otherwise the OnStep Panel wan't "seeing" the board and failed to connect. Well, a friend of mine who was visiting narrowed down the issue to "Duplicate"/"Clone" Wemos Board which I had purchased. They look exactly like the original, obviously, but the CH340 chips are unmarked and no way to tell what they actually are. Obviously since this friend of mine has experience soldering SMD components, he will be getting genuine chips and resoldering. He also suspects the ESP32 mdule on the Wemos is face. 
Beware Guys, just thought you'd all wanna know.