Suitability of parts



I have a 12" Dobsonian and was thinking of taking the next step and controlling it with onstep,
I already have several Engel 24V 50W brush DC servomotors with  HEDM optical encoders and DCS303 controllers
The input is just step and direction

Does that sound like a reasonable starting point (as I've got them already)

I guess I could get a pretty high resolution and slew rate out of them.

Is there an onstep board I can just buy off the shelf and flash
or a single sided version of the board ( I've got single sided SMD production equipment)


John Petterson

On Wed, Jan 19, 2022 at 03:53 PM, <spiyda@...> wrote:
Engel 24V 50W brush DC servomotors

If you plan to use step/dir and power the motors from some other source, then there are a couple of choices.  The FYSETC S6 board will work, as would the ones that George Cushing builds and sells.  He also sells kits or single boards.

I doubt you could reduce the design to a single sided board.



Thanks John, 

I design and build electronics for my day job so a ready built solution is my preferred option,
I'll drop George an email