New to this project #arduino


Hello everyone,

I bought a SkyWatcher Dobsonian 8" without any tracking devices, because I had this idea to motorize it even if my knowledge is not that big about... anything actually !

But I do love arduino projects, so I searched for motorizing a dobsonian telescope and I discovered a few projects, this one for example :

But I wanted more than that, this project was just good to know where your telescope was pointing at on Stellarium, but I wanted a real Goto system even if the difficulty seemed really hard !

I wanted to combine motorization and tracking, without polar alignement just like the azgti mounts. After a lot of search, I found the OnStep project and I couldn't be happier !

I just wanted to know if a project example from the wiki could help me the best way ? If I understand well, the OnStep project can control Alt-AZ axis with, for example, arduino boards by telling them how to move depending on the celestial body the telescope is pointing at ? There's so much things on the GitHub page, could you tell me what part of the code that does that ? I like to fully understand what I'm building, even if there's some maths (I've watched some videos about spherical trigonometry recently for example).

Thank you !!


 i haven't done it yet, but a lot of people have, it is mainly mechanical so no need for trigonometry. work your way through the Dobson section of for inspiration.
once onstep controlled you can link it  as a GOTO system in stellarium ( or some others)  if you want, click on a star and it GOTOs it.
Have Fun