ESP32 + Hujer pajzs

George Cushing

Use Romans pinmap and select either Tone or Status LSD in config.h. Can't have both.

George Cushing

No, you need Roman's pinmap. There's a link somewhere on the page. I just copied it over the InsteinESP1 pinmap. It seems to slip through OnStep validation there. I think I shall never see an InsteinESP1.

Szőllősi Tamás

ESPw2 Wemos Flash, if buzzer ON, error message:
OnStep-ESP32_Hujer\src\pinmaps\Validate.MaxESP3.h:48:6: error: #error "Configuration (Config.h): BUZZER enabled but Aux8 is already in use, choose one feature on Aux8"
what to do?


I'm using a Wemos D1 R32 with the Hujer OnStep Shield.   Here's my Pinmap line from my config.h file:

#define PINMAP             MaxESP3 //    OFF, Choose from: MiniPCB, MiniPCB2, MaxPCB, MaxPCB2, STM32Blue,             <-Req'd
I renamed the Pins.ShieldESP.h file  to Pins.MaxESP3.h and placed it in the /scr/pinmaps directory.  This is working for me, and I'm using TMC2130SPI drivers.

I can't help you with the jumpers, but maybe someone else can.                                        

Szőllősi Tamás
I built an ESP32UNO + Hujer shield.
Configh.h file define # PINMAP CNC3 OK or is MaxESP3 good? I replace the original in the src \ pinmap directory with the Hujer Pins.ShieldESP.h file.
Can it be used on the TMC2209 Hujer shield?
J4 J7 J8 jumper ON or OFF good?
I look forward to any help. sorry translator.