4.24q will not run

Jamie Flinn

I have found this is an issue with Arduino + STMCubeProgrammer vs compiling the code - I had a nice working bin file from late Feb and it seems that is the last time I have been able to compile and load successfully - either using windows and the DFU on the astroberry to flash the BIN or direct from windows all LOOKS good but it will not run and create the needed serial ports....so I flipped BACK to my trusty MKS GenL2.1 and was able to install 4.24q without issue - so for now the S6 will be on the shelf until I can figure our what changed (most likely some updated Arduino library I did not see)

So running fine on MKS and will be testing to see if this version solves my critically weird guiding issues  ( after flip it seemed that the motion suddenly has no backlash and the BL values cause ping pong behavior - I have caught this ALSO with out a flip but after some slewing - and physically testing the gears I see nothing that can cause this - looking at the 4.24 changes in guide.ini I think this will help of the rates got screwed up....)

Will update if successful