#onstepx SLEW_ACCELERATION_DIST does not have any effect #onstepx

Simon Achmüller

Regards OnStepX,source code from main branch about a week ago

As I have pretty good motors, I would like to have faster acceleration to a desired slew rate. So I decreased SLEW_ACCELERATION_DIST to 0.5, but when I start slew at 2 deg/sec, it does not seem to have any effect, acceleration takes about 30 seconds to reach that slew speed.

I checked source code, but did not have a lot of success understanding the logic, so asking here for ideas.

Howard Dutton

Update to the latest.

Simon Achmüller

Yes, in the latest version it works as a charm, thank you!

Patrizio Boschi

Hi, I just upgraded from OnStep to OnStepX (MaxSTM3 with TMC5160 motors)

If I use the same value for SLEW_ACCELERATION_DIST on both versions (the default, 5), the resulting acceleration is very different.

In fact, I had to put it to 2 in OnStepX to have about the same resulting acceleration of 5 in OnStep.

I think that the correct acceleration is the one of OnStep... the acceleration of OnStepX makes 2°/s slews unusable, they take like 10 seconds to stop!