EQM35 Pro - replace gears with pulleys and belts #EQ5 #backlash #mount



i have an eqm 35 pro and planning to replace the gears with pulleys and belts.
How can i choose the correct pulleys taking into account the existing ones? what do i have to check?
if there a guide or something to read please send the link :)


George Cushing

I assume you intend to keep the existing drives?

Looks too tight to permit much modification. What the gear reduction between the RA drive and the worm?



This mount is a CG3/CG5 hybrid.  The DEC axis conversion works just like the CG5 as it has that appendage sticking out from where you slide the mounting plate.  The RA axis may be more difficult, but there are examples in the Showcase page.

See this post on some advice regarding this mount:



One other thing...there is no reason why you need to keep the existing geared motors.  You can replace with the Stepper motors and pulleys.


thank you both for your messages

@Otto my feeling is that it would be more easy to try with timing belts and tooth pulleys since i don't have any relative experience with stepper motors :(


the EQM35 Pro is similar to EQ3 but with better RA (but with with RA worm wheel with 180 teeth for high precision tracking (compared to 130 teeth for the EQ3)
both RA and DEC motor and gears are located ouside of the body mount

so i will check the example pages and contact with friends on how to adapt the EQM35 to EQ3 metrics

thanks again :)