Another EQ6 build #eq6 #neq6


Hello everyone,

I totally forgot to share my design I use happily last months. It was a complete journey which ended with quite sleek design for minimal wiring.

- Old black EQ6
- New bearings where needed
- Rowan belt kit (before I used my own modified GT2 pulleys - I workjed, but not as good as Rowans mod)
- My adopted version of Onstep electronics based on ESP32
- Most interesting part of my build is PEC sensor added to this old mount based on hall sensor

More info here:
And some pictures collected from the journey:

Robert Benward

Very nice work and nice execution.  I like your 3D printed plate.  I hope it performs as well as it looks.



It works beautifully - PHD2 shows error <1arcs under very moderate seeing conditions, usually around 0.8arcs. I saw also also 0.6 during good seeing. In my case atmosphere is the limit :) 

Khalid Baheyeldin

Nice project.

It is now in the showcase.

Note that modifying the source incurs an ongoing maintenance burden as OnStep evolves.
Some of your changes could be avoided (e.g. default HIGH instead of LOW on certain pins).
There may be a way to do it in Config.h already. If not, then you can add that on a fork that
you create on github.

The other changes that are 'real code' need to be addressed differently.

Hold on to them until OnStepX stabilizes and Howard has time to advise and/or incorporate

Howard Dutton

On Mon, Nov 8, 2021 at 08:20 AM, Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:
Hold on to them until OnStepX stabilizes and Howard has time to advise and/or incorporate
I glanced at the changes, seems just the status LED needed to have inverted logic, OnStepX already has that capability (and more) for all digital input and output pins.

Just add a line to Config.h, to change the default from ON being logic LOW, for example:


To see them all look at src/Config.defaults.h


I am aware of that. As Howard mentioned, just LED has negative logic (I was too lazy to bring Vcc just because of that one LED across the board :)). Biggieset pain was the programming of ESPs - due to limited space on board I used just bare modules. Rest is just pinmapping...I didnt use most of the extra functions like beepers, 4 drivers etc...and it was so-so to have everything connected to ESP32. I am working on another OnStep project based on Teensy4 - wow, so much easier to do everything :)


Very good build...
Even I have bought all for EQ6 drivers, steppers, rowan belt conversion, all except choosing the pcb, I am a little bit tyred to proceed, hope I will get some motivation so I can make my conversion to onstep...
What we are missing is ready to use PCBs that could be shipped to EU, me since I am not good at soldering I would prefer that...

Anyway great job. and thanks for motivation....  


Let me know, maybe I can help a little here...


Since your PCB is SMD, hope you have some spares that you can sell, this looks very nice, great job!

George Cushing

This is by Roman Hujer. See his OnStep for EQ6.