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I'm gathering all the components necessary to start with the proyect for a CG4 mount, i take any advie you could give with this list of components. Im looking for a complete and functional motorize mount(gps, Bt capabl, etc).



Here's my wishlist:



The wishlist link is returning a page not found for me.


If you are opening the link on the phone use "visit as desktop site". Or open it at a PC.

Khalid Baheyeldin

There are two TMC2130 listed.
The $4.78 one is DIY. This is the wrong module.

The $8.05 one has the right module.
Click on "4PCS SPI"

However, the images are all the same regarding on what I click.
Always confusing, and hit or miss.


Thanks for your reply, I am wondering what else I need or are this components enough ?

Yen Quy

I also have the CG4 mount. For this mount, if you want to use any pulley larger than 30 teeth, you'd need to extend the shaft. Even with the 30 teeth, you still need to file the RA lock handle a couple millimeters for the motor to pass.  I'm using 16 teeth on the motor and 48 teeth on the RA/DEC.  Still waiting for the 12 teeth order.
I also bought the JST XH2 wire+connectors.  they are pretty useless because they only have connector on one end so I ended up buying my own crimp tool to make my own wire.

Khalid Baheyeldin

On Tue, Jul 20, 2021 at 12:56 AM, <bolex_2695@...> wrote:
I am wondering what else I need or are this components enough ?
Spend some time on the links in the showcase page.
There should be some mounts like yours.
Look at how they did it, so you can borrow some ideas.