DS18B20 therm sensor and MKS Gen-l 2.0

Arturo Merchán

I am trying to connect a DS18B20 temperature sensor to the MKS Gen-l 2.0. I have studied in pinmap of the ramps14, which this board refers, and I have not found defined in pin for "OneWirePin". I have tried several free pins but I can't get the actual reading (-137ºC).
If someone has used this chip with this board, can you advise me?

Howard Dutton

No idea what the problem is here but the code definitely works and works on the Mega2560.  I tested with a Mega2560/RAMPS1.4 if using a MKS Gen-L be sure you pick a pin for 1-Wire that has no extra filtering circuitry (no end-stops.)

Here's the logging output (#define FEATURE_LIST_DS ON) and the result of an :Ft# command to get the focuser temperature.

06:45:23.865 -> DS18B20: 0x286488AD080000E5 auto-assigned to TELESCOPE_TEMPERATURE
06:45:23.932 -> DS18B20: 0x28F2B7AB08000004 auto-assigned to FEATURE1_TEMP
06:45:24.000 -> DS18B20: 0x28B571AD08000043 not assigned
06:45:24.033 -> DS2413:  0x3AD836460000000B auto-assigned to FEATURE1_PIN
06:55:45.581 -> 23.3#

Howard Dutton

Also, I hear users struggling with parasitic power mode on DS18B20's so I'd wire to bring power to them.

Note the DS2413 (dual GPIO) has no provision for bringing power to them and they work fine.