Equipment for EM200

man yokotsuna

Hi There,

Recently, the OnStep made in China has become a hot topic.
Actually, I also made equipment like the attached image using OnStep.
I already made equipment for EM10 as well as EM200.

The drive parts of TAK's equatorial mountsĀ have special dimensions, and it is not possible to build a satisfactory drive system with a combination of ready-made parts.

Sanryu co Ltd can manufacture stepping motors that rotate at high speed, but need to order 100 at a time.
Also, the diameter of the spur gear hole of EM200 is 4mm and 6mm, and it is difficult to match the shaft diameter (5mm) of many stepping motors.

Most of all of the parts, including the PCB, are custom-made.

Are there any restrictions on supplying such equipment for a fee? I support the idea of open source and can open all information about equipment on this forum.

I would appreciate it if anyone could answer the above questions.