ESP32 board no Wifi/Bluetooth shown #cnc3 #wifi #esp32

Kostas Stavropoulos

Hi, new to this group and i have an issue with setting up the wifi/bluetooth connection to an ESP32 mainboard i have.

I use a TTGO ESP32 D1 R32 WiFi + Bluetooth Board 4MB and a cnc3 board. I read through the firmware installation and i can confirm that i get a On-Step# reply. After that i installed the SWS and here is where the problems start. I can't see and Wifi nor a Bluetooth device on my phone, laptop, tablet and another android phone i tried. I have a red LED flashing next to the blue power LED but that's it. Nothing happens. I tried the :GVP# but then i get either no reply or a ? in a square. I tried flashing the board with the main firmware many times without the SWS and they seem fine, i have the On-Step# reply but no red LED flashing, then when i install the SWS i get the same problems. I also removed the CNC 3 board and i have the same issue. Any suggestions would be appreciated.