From scrap metal to mount #celestron


Hi all

first of all thank you Howard for your efforts. 

also to all others I see here across the boards giving advice sharing knowledge. What good is knowledge if you don’t share it.

i want to give special thanks to a friend of mine who, like you guys, is gifted with technical skills a brilliant mind and perseverance.

because of personal problems I had to sell my equipement a couple years back. All that remained was a CGEM, shorted control board crappy DC motors and a tolerance  in its gears, it look more on a shakerdeck from Parker Schnabel then a mount.
it was its weight worth in aluminum. 

but Patrick my friend likes a challenge. So after spending €100,- in parts and stepper motors, a begin was made. a lot of time invested by Patrick his agreeable spous, the result is awesome. 

the setup is a CGEM OnStep KD mount. (Kastelijns-Dutton 🤓) 

Mike Ahner

That's really great! You're friend did a very good job it seems, especially since the mount was non-functional.

I like these kinds of projects that salvage items and restore the usefulness. For many people it's hard for them to see the hidden valley in broken items like this & even if they see it, people often don't have the skills or patience for such a project. You're very fortunate to have such a good, skillful friend!

I hope you have many, many enjoyable hours under the stars.

Khalid Baheyeldin

Nice project!
It is in the showcase page now.

Chris Vaughan

Very nice. What gear ratio have you used? I've got 48:15 in mine but thinking of changing to 60:15. It's just a bit of a squeeze to fit in the larger pulley