How to adjust voltage on the MiniPCB V2 - while using Stepper motor rated as 2.7V #tmc2130

Harkant Singh Baryah

I am a total noob to electronics and OnStep, being a surgeon by profession. Got hooked into DIYing a GEM using OnStep after seeing a video on YouTube.

I have got the PCB for MiniPCB v2 from EasyEDA and ordered most of the BOM from two online sites. I am using Teensy 4.0 as the driver.
I have received two of Nema 17 stepper motor with a gear ratio of 100:1 from stepper online ( - I noticed that the motor is rated 2.7V 1.6Amp/phase.

I was planning to power the OnStep MiniPCB v2 with 12V, as one the motors I had earlier shortlisted was rated as 12V. Now with the 2.7V motor, will I have to make some changes to the circuit to get this voltage to the VM of  Teensy??
I am not able to find the 5V regulator (as on the BOM on easyEDA) anywhere in the online stores. Will or do the job in its place.


I had earlier posted a similar new topic in the forum, but am not able to locate it. I am not sure whether I did anything wrong while posting it. Please forgive me if there is any duplicate message.