i was wondering if we could replace the Wemos D1 Mini Pro v1.0 with v2.0


Is there a possibility to tweak the boards that use Wemos D1 Mini Pro v1s into accepting v2s?
I thought about this since Lolin (Wemos before and the official creator of the ESP8266 based D1 mini Pro v1) has discontinued the creation of the 1st Generation modules since 2018. This is why almost 99 percent of the supply are clones now. These clones use bad regulators and sometimes just poor manufacturing which then cause problems based on what I have observed in recent weeks. Lolin has moved onto the Version 2 of the D1 Mini Pro which are in good supply and are by-far better than what we currently use.

I am not critiquing the designs in any way and am happy for what it is. I don't know much about compatibility, board design or programming so am in the dark here.
If it is possible, I'd be happy to learn how to incorporate the version 2 into the boards. I just want to check if my thoughts are grounded in reality or if its is even worth the effort. Thank you all!

Khalid Baheyeldin

Until someone tries out a v2 module, we will not know ...


Well I don't now much but I'll probably try it on my next allowance money.

Chip Louie

On Mon, Apr 5, 2021 at 12:25 PM, Sam wrote:
Well I don't now much but I'll probably try it on my next allowance money.

If this is for the MininPCBv2 I think that if you check the pinout they are the same. All you would need to do is move a row of pins closer to the other pin pads on the board. Whichever row is easier to move. To test it once the pinouts are confirmed you can make a little socket adapter for testing. 

While you are at it could you also add a coin cell holder for those of us with Teensy 4.0 processors? 


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