Kstars's indi motion control issue


Hello all,

First, I would like to thank all of you for the hard work you performed to create and share the OnStep project.
I baught a Skywatcher 150/750 on non-motorized EQ3-2 last year and I'm working on adding a STM32bluepill based OnStep controller on it. For now, all the mechanical and electronical parts are done (at least, I think so), but i'm facing an issue with KStars.
* I'm using KStars because I have a Mac computer ...

I successfully connected Kstars with my onstep control using the embedded Indi server, using LX200 protocol.
* The onstep controller is directly connected with a usb-serial converter to my mac

I am able to start the tracking and even to do a Goto from the skychart. However, I cannot perform a star alignment because the manual Motion Control is not working and I don't understand why. When I click on the North button for exemple, most of time, just nothing happens. (I previously activated the tracking to enable the motors). Sometimes, the motor works, but then, impossible to stop it ...
If I use the embeded webpage using the wifi connection, the motion control works properly. So it seems to be a kind of kstars/indi bug or configuration loss ...

Does somebody figured out the same issue ?

Thank you,

Rafael Barberá Córdoba

Hello Guillaume,

I've been using KStars/Ekos with OnStep almost for a year now and It works fine. I've been using on Mac for some time and lately on a Raspberry. On both computers It works flawlessly: goto, tracking, pulse guiding and using the manual motion control pad. This last interface is sometimes temperamental. Be sure to move the speed slider to a reasonable speed (48x). Also consider that the motors has some ramping up/down that is more evident at higher speed. If you select Max slewing speed you will see that when you lift your finger/pointer off the button, the motors keep running (slowing down) for a while.