MKS Gen V2

robert utecht

Good afternoon thanks for patience you all have shown me and my questions I am new at this electronic stuff I got he level shifters to lower the voltage from 5 to 3.3 I am using a HC-05 from the tx from the MKS, to the level shifter,  then to the HC-05, My understanding is the RX does not I am using the EXP1 port RX2 and TX2 that's the one to use that I can see, on my config file Serial _C_baud_default I set to 9600  On the level shifter and hers is my inexperience comes in I am only using the two pins,  HV from the MKS and the other pin LV to the HC-05 board do I need to use a ground pin also,   I am also sending my config file to see if I got it right .

                                Thank you