Onstep EQ-5 not reaching NE-NW part of the sky


Hi all,

I am trying to fix an issue that's been bugging me for a few weeks now. I own an Instein/Onstep kit on a EQ-5 mount and since i bought it, i cannot slew correctly  on the NE - N - NW region. 
Below i attached a photo where i coloured in RED the area of the sky where the telescope does not want to slew to and in blue, from where i am not having anymore issues. 

Each time i try to slew on the red part, the mount slews on the wrong side of the pier, and goes inside a limit having the RA at 90. I do not understand what settings i need to change in order for the mount to understand that the RA is on the wrong side of the meridian . 
I tried changing in Config.H the pier side from BEST to EAST and WEST, but that did not change anything. 

Any ideas would be truly appreciated. 


Hi, No idea if this is of any use as I am totally new to this group and have only played with a friends telescope i borrowed for a bit. it has an EQ mount on it and  after nievly pointing it at polaris with the polarscope and then i tried to set up the goto mount. i couldn't work out what was going on with it untill i was informed that the scope should be on the top when i aligned it on polaris, i had it on the side of the mount. i am used to az mounts where there is only one way to point at a star.  aparantly not with an EQ , Doh.


Hi , 

That is not the case for me. I have no problem slewing to targets in the S, E or W. 
The problem starts when i try to go to targets near Polaris, N, NW or NE . 

I made a short video showing the issue, where i slew to 2 targets in the W without problems and then i try 2 targets in the NW . Even the drivers know the telescope is not pointing right, but i presume it has something to do with some settings in the  limits. 

Video : Video from Stellarium