Onstep STM32 bluepill with Stetlarium und PHD2

Dear Onsteppers

for now I am getting a bit frustrated with my Rasberry Bi project.

As my main target is guiding I thhougt it would be a good idea to connect Onstep to my Windows 7 Laptop which runs Stelarium and PHD2.

I was able to connect the Laptop to the OnStep WiFi and via to the Onstep Control panel on my laptop.

Unfortunateli I cannot connect OnStep to Stelarium or to PHD2.

I do have the Ascom platform 3.4.1 on my Laptop. Do I need a special driver for Onstep to connect to Stellarium an PHD2 ??

would like to connect Onstep to my Win 7 Laptop using WiFi instead of the USB connection .......

In stelarium I have to configure the telescop - I have no idea how to do this .

Same thing in PHD2 - what mount Typ to select ???

I am sure that Im missing something ....

Ascom driver as mentioned on Howard Duttons web page ?
Stellariumscope ?
Or HW VSP3 - Virtual Serial Port like Roman mentione  ???

As usual: I have no idea .....

Please help


Khalid Baheyeldin

There are two ASCOM drivers for OnStep. The beta has USB multiconnection capability but is new and may have bugs.
The older one needs POTH or something else for multiconnections.

Both can be downloaded from here