SHC with oled 2.4" display and bluetooh communication (ESP32 wireless)

Gildo Bosi

I completed the second version of the button box for OnStep bluetooth version.

This version has been tested with the HC05 modules and the SH-H3 module inserted into the equatorial frame controller (38400baud). Other classic bluetooth type modules should be compatible, with SSP communication profile. There is currently no possibility of using BLE in this SW version.

The ESP32 Lilygo T7 v1.5 module was used as a microprocessor module. This module has a built-in charger for 3.7V lithium batteries.

The consumption with 160Mhz clock is about 100mA with active communication, with a 2500mA battery the SHC has a range of over 20 hours.

The container has been printed in PETG. Mounting does not require printed circuits, connections are simple.

below you will find some images of the project.



Hi Gildo Bosi

Do you have the schematic diagram and the specific manufacturing method?