simple handbox question


Hi All,

First time here.
I'm building the simple handbox buttons only, the one without display.
I'm using a Fysetc s6 v2 board.
Do i have to use the pull-up resistors for the simple handbox or are these only used for the one with display functions?
In config-h ST4 interface section do i choose "ON" or "On_Pullup"?


Khalid Baheyeldin

It is called the Basic Hand Controller, not "simple" (because SHC means Smart Hand Controller, the one with the display).

As for your question, yes, you need pullup resistors to prevent OnStep from interpreting floating values as guides.
Using ON_PULLUP should work. It is the only value that worked on the Blue Pill, but I have not tried it on the S6.

John Petterson

I can confirm the basic hand controller works on the S6...   ON_PULLUP is needed.


Thx Khalid!


And John!