STEPPERONLINE Nema 17 Bipolar Stepper 400 steps choice with TMC2130 #tmc2130

Ming Lei

I saw total 4 models on its website. The model with 1.68A is the popular choice though I don’t why. I like to buy the 2A model to get more torque. I also don’t know what the full D-cut is for; judging from the spec and photo, I can see the cut side of the motor shaft extends to the full length of the shaft.

There is also 0.9A model but I think it is a bit underpower for TMC2130. Is TMC2130 sufficient to get the best performance out of the 2A model?

Drew 🔭📷🚴‍♂️

I use the 2A version on my LXD75, so it should also work for you. I found the 1.68A version wanting at high speed.  I get 5 degree/second slews with my MaxESP3 board. I use TMC5160 drivers. Beware of the newest ones, they are too large for the MaxESP3 board and almost all the OnStep boards.

Get the full D-cut version. I have had several instances where I needed it to properly position the pulley. Doesn't seem to cost more.

Sean Sadler

Hello, I'm new to the forum, but I saw this post and wanted to offer this...

I've used Trinamic TMC2130's for several years now on my DIY 3D printer, so I can say with certainty that they will drive a 2-amp motor.  For your reference, here is the datasheet for the TMC2130 from Trinamic's website, in which they specify a 2-amp load is nominal with a 2.5-amp peak load.

George Cushing

You can't rely on the set screws alone. 

Alberto Vazquez

I'm using the NEMA 17 steppers 0.9A 400 steps version in my LX70 mount without any trouble. I have tried  tmc2130 and tmc5160 drivers and in both cases stepper worked good in my Mini esp3 board.