locked sticky The 4th Generation Max Telescope Controllers

Howard Dutton

This is an summary of work covered in a prior topic to put all information/links in one place.

These new designs are all for OnStepX only and use just two pinmaps, MaxPCB4 and MaxESP4.

These designs all make use of EasyEDA/JCLPCB and SMT assembly services.

For the "Basic" designs you must source an ESP32 or Teensy microcontroller (with pin headers) which is plugged into 0.1" socket headers or soldered to the PCB.

The MaxESP4 has two "Integrated" versions where SMT ESP32's are used.

For all designs you need to solder stepper driver sockets and some other components to finish the build though the amount of soldering is greatly reduced vs. earlier designs like the MaxPCB2.  Until dedicated Wiki pages are created for these designs I suggest you look at the assembly instructions for the MaxSTM3.6I as it's generally somewhat similar to these designs.

You can see the ordering process in this video.