TMC2130 V3 / Ramps1.6 / Steppers


Dear Howard,


Thank you very much for creating and developing OnStep!


After some painful weeks with building OnStep (HC05 does not work with Apple, HM10 works with Apple, but SkySafari does not support Bluetooth, ESP8266 could never be flashed and WeMos D1 mini is eventually working), I am losing the battle with the steppers.



My Board: Arduino Mega 2560 with BIGTREETECH Ramps 1.6.


My stepper drivers: TMC2130 V3.0, with SPI jumper soldered 0 Ohm resistor, CFG 4 and CFG no bridges. Looks like they are in STEP/DIR mode.


The BIGTREETECH Ramps 1.6 plus uses the SPI mode of operation, which can be achieved simply by plugging and unplugging the jumper cap.



First setup: 


Ramps 1.6 Jumpers for TMC are: 

1-11 (MOSI/MS1/CFG1) closed

2-12 (SCK/MS2/CFG2) closed

3-5 (CSN/MS3/CFG3) closed

4-6 (MISO/?/?) closed


Terminals under TMC on 2130:


| 1 | 11 | 10 |


| 2 | 12 |  9 |


| 3 |  5 |  8 |


| 4 |  6 |     |



No additional SPI wiring necessary (see remark above).



Vref max = 227 mV

Steppers move, but are noisy and loose steeps, they are stuttering

(I am using steppers Nema 17 45Ncm 1.5A 12V)




Second setup:


Ramps 1.6 Jumpers for TMC are: 

1-11 (MOSI/MS1/CFG1) open

2-12 (SCK/MS2/CFG2) open

3-5 (CSN/MS3/CFG3) open

4-6 (MISO/?/?) open


This should be the 1/16 microsteps stealth chop mode



Vref max = 2.57 V

Steppers do not move, but are noisy 

(I am using steppers Nema 17 45Ncm 1.5A 12V)



Looks like I am mixing up some things here and have no clue where to start (too many parameters unknown).





config.h for both setups:



// see

#define AXIS1_STEPS_PER_DEGREE     7680.0 

#define AXIS1_STEPS_PER_WORMROT   19200 


#define AXIS1_DRIVER_MODEL            TMC2130_QUIET

#define AXIS1_DRIVER_MICROSTEPS       32


#define AXIS1_DRIVER_IHOLD            OFF

#define AXIS1_DRIVER_IRUN             OFF 

#define AXIS1_DRIVER_IGOTO            OFF 

#define AXIS1_DRIVER_REVERSE          ON

#define AXIS1_DRIVER_STATUS           OFF /




same as above




By the way, I only can move the scope via Skysafari, the OnStep Control panel does not have any effect.



Thanks in advance,



(I accidentally sent it to, sorry for the confusion and extra effort I might have caused.)