Weird One

Jamie Flinn

This is right our of the twilight zone.  Back in July I updated my new MKS Genl2.1 + TCM 2209 to my 4.20i version I have on 2 other units – posted to the forum with the excellent results…this weekend I had a problem and had to use my phone and the app…connect…3.16i (I think it was)

WHAT?….Either I have gone bonkers or somehow that unit is able to store the previous version!!!


Has ANYONE ever had something like this happen – or am I just sleepwalking out to the shed with my laptop and uploading old code


……there is a movie in the works about this…looper 2



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George Cushing

I will help the "handicapped" and have a soft spot for folks with dead Vixen DD-2/3s or Losmandy 492s. The MiniPCB2 is my favorite controller model for this kind of project. It's compact so there's not a lot of unused real estate left by eliminating functions. Not much is left off. Just the Wemos D1 mini, the Pec and limit connectors a couple of pin connectors, resistors and caps.

I used as many surface mount devices on the last one I built as I could, which sped things up a bit. The Teensy 3.2 was used with ver. 3.16. As it was driving Vixen MT-1s I used DVR8825 drivers with diode back EMF preventers.

Used the configuration as it came out of the Generator. Motion control used 23040 µsteps (4 µsteps/step) per worm rotation and a slew base rate of 0.18. At that rate the drive had to make 504 RPM, which I figured was as much as could be expected.