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Note: OnStep is an Open Source Telescope Controller Project that is freely available for anyone thanks to Howard Dutton and his team of volunteer moderators. Firmware for the OnStep Telescope Controllers and various additional hardware is constantly being upgraded by Howard, various builds (with different capabilities) are available and the list seems to be changing almost daily. Check out the OnStep Wiki for all the information you need on the different builds and Resources available to you.

Certain lack of skills or abilities in Electronics, Mechanics, Computers, Construction, and Operation of associated hardware and application programs that are not common to every individual that would like to have a GOTO controller for their telescope often presents a problem.  For instance: many Astronomy interested people (telescope users) are adverse to taking on a project that may require machining, building, soldering, testing, troubleshooting etc. They may not have the skills, facilities or abilities needed to complete a working OnStep Controller or integrate it to their telescope mount. They need help from many directions and hopefully this page will help provide a solution to that problem.

This page is for Volunteer OnStep users with those skills or abilities to offer their assistance to help others less fortunate complete their OnStep build. 

Assistance can be anything from just providing information to supplying hard to access parts, (many of which require minimum purchases) or are sourced from China with months of shipping delays to be sent out locally as soon as tomorrow in some cases)… to complete OnStep builds ready to hook up and play or anything in between.

This page is NOT a Wanted or For Sale page. It serves as an introduction site where one OnStep user can make direct contact with another user that has volunteered to provide some needed assistance. So... If you need or can offer assistance this page is for you.

Remember that OnStep is open source so any activity between parties here is strictly between 2 individuals and will not be discussed on the main message page. Howard (The Group owner and OnStep programmer) has given permission for this page to exist subject to his removal at any time if his OnStep Development time is disrupted by issues on this subject. Use it, don't abuse it, or you will lose it.

If you can offer assistance, just copy the image below to your favorite photo editor, fill in the blanks, "Save As" Your_Name_Resource Card.jpg then post it to the Main Message board Subject. "Resource cards". 

If your services offered change, simply post an updated card to REPLACE the current card. To remove your current "card" just contact a moderator through the Main Message board... Subject. "Resource cards"

I, Ken Hunter, will be the main Point of Contact for this page but any of the OnStep Moderators will be able to assist in working with this page should I not be readily available. Just post your needs on the Main Message board Subject. "Resource cards"