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In order to customize OnStepX behavior to each users requirements there are a variety of configuration settings in the Config.h file.

The Config.h file settings are categorized as follows:


Pinmap, configures OnStep for your controller hardware.

Serial Ports, configures OnStep serial ports for your controller hardware.

Status, configures controller status LED.

Reticle Control, configures controller reticle LED.

Weather Sensor, configures controller weather sensor.

Signaling, step wave form PULSE (for speed) or SQUARE (for better signal integrity.)


Axes, enables and configures the Mount, Rotator, and Focuser associated drives.


Mount Type, select from GEM, EQ Fork, or Alt/Az.

Time and Location, configures sources for getting time and location information.

Status, configures the Mount status LED and Buzzer.

ST4 Interface, set ST4 guide port behavior, hand controller support, etc.

Guiding, turn off backlash during guides, limit guide duration for safety.

Limits, configures the limit sense option.

Parking, configures parking related settings.

PEC, configure periodic error correction related settings.

Tracking, automatically start tracking, backlash take-up rate, etc.

Slewing, configures the default slew rate, acceleration, and Goto settings.

Pier Side, configures the Meridian Flip and Preferred Pier Side settings.


Rotator, configures the Rotator specific settings.


Focuser, configures the Focuser specific settings.


Auxiliary Features, control switches, dew-heaters, etc.