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The MiniPCB Version 2

If you are looking for information on an earlier version of the MiniPCB that page can be found here.  This earlier version is still useful and recommended when you need to build the controller into a mount.

The image below shows an OnStep built on a MiniPCB Version 2 (scroll down to see the bill-of-material.) This PCB is designed to fit inside a commonly available aluminum case.   Though the case flat end caps will need very careful need drilling, cutting, and filing to provide openings for the various connectors.  If a 3D printer is available plastic end caps can be printed with little time or effort.  This is the case the MiniPCB Version 2 is designed to fit: Aluminum Enclosure Electronic DIY PCB Instrument Project Box Case(100x71x26mm)

An alternate 3D printed case was designed by Roman Hujer. It uses a Pi-Fan for cooling, rather than an aluminum case.

The very affordable EasyEDA service can be used to order this version of the PCB (or obtain the Gerbers.)

Whatever you build use an appropriate DC rated fuse (current rating depends on stepper drivers/motors/etc.)