Building my SQM

Howard Dutton

I'm 3D printing the fixture for my SQM right now.  If this works out I'll post the design and stl files.

This is for the Adafruit TSL2591 sensor which sets into the four cut-outs.  A weak slightly convex lens I have (surplus shed) fills the recess nearest the top and will be RTV'd into place.  The lens will be flush with the top so water shouldn't pool at the edges.  I'm printing this in HIPS filament which has worked out for me in the past.  I will then spray paint for some added UV protection to help keep the plastic from breaking down.  The hole in the center is sized for 1/2" NPS pipe which allows using cheap PVC plumbing parts to make/modify a support to mount this on the observatory side as I did for my cloud sensor.

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