Re: OCS watchdog

Fernando Nino Sr

I had mine working on the test bench for two weeks with no problems. Even had it connected to several sensors and again no reboots.  So I grabbed and installed it in my observatory with no sensors connected to it.  I could not pull up the webpage, no matter which computer or different browsers, no luck.  I can ping the ip address but cant pull up the webpage.  So I loaded up another sketch to test out the mega and shield and that one works. I even changed the ip address to ...120, so I went back to ip ....100.  Watchdog is off. OCS is in the same network group.

I know that both boards are working. I bought it back to my test bench and still cant get it to load up. Like something is stuck some where. I debugged it. here are the results. no errors that I could see. I even reformatted the SD Card and Installed a new SD card. still a no go.

So this is what I am getting now:

I loaded up an older firm ware and still the same issue, it times out. with or without sensors.  I used twp different PC's. Win 7 and Win 10 to load firmware.  Anyone have any ideas? maybe I will try to clean out the EEPROM or clean firmware upload with no sensors.

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