Re: Problems after implementing weater functions

Howard Dutton

On Tue, Apr 6, 2021 at 05:33 AM, Laurent HOUSSAYE wrote:

I have used OCS up to now with success with the Roof and Power functions only. I was able to activate 2 relays for the 12 V power supply of the telescope mount and accessories, and for the 220 V power supply (not wired yet at the relay output).

The roof commands are operating perfectly.

Recently I have included all the weather sensors allowed by the Weather code, using the examples you provided.

The code compiles and loads perfectly in the Arduino card after having included all the libraries required. I have put the file Charts.min.js in the SD card (renamed Charts.js) and inserted the SD card in the Ethernet shield as required.

But I have some problems : When I activate the 12 V power relay (ON), the Arduino reboots frequently (A Watchdog ON)

I'd turn the watchdog off, the feature is there but it working properly depends on Mega2560 firmware support that isn't always present.

and that causes interruptions of this crucial power supply ! That's not acceptable as it is. When only the 220 V power supply relay is activated, no problem ! Very strange !

Sounds like a hardware problem.  There are a wide range of effects with power supply sag, back EMF from the relay coils, RFI noise from the relay contacts, HV traveling on the surface of PCB's.

The weather sensors data are correctly displayed with the exception of the Sky Quality Meter that shows "Invalid" (However I have checked that TSL2591 responds at the correct address of 0x29 - checked with an I2C scan). See screen capture attached.

I provided an example that works for myself and others.  If you can get the SQM function working properly with other software do so then integrate that software.

Last problem : the Weather charts are all empty. See pictures attached.

Not sure why that'd be, obviously it works for others.  Perhaps give it time to write the next days log file, all these crashes could be causing an issue.

Sorry but implementing an OCS with all features is a complex thing with many ways for things to go wrong.

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