Re: Problems after implementing weater functions


Some update after further testing :
I tried to put SQM OFF in config.h : no success : frequent reboots whatever the status of the 2 power relays (On or Off). No visible sign of these reboots when the relays are OFF (they remain OFF) except that the Up Time stays at 00000 min.
I tried to put all the I2C bus sensors OFF in config.h :
  • with the SDA and SCL wires still connected, same instabilities (in less than 1 minute)
  • With the SDA and SCL wires unplugged : stable ! No reboot at all, the 12V power relay stays ON at least up to 10 minutes "Up Time" ! Rain sensor and wind speed are correctly displayed however the weather log charts remain empty...
I need to try disconnecting only the SQM sensor to see if it is the culprit on the I2C bus !
What remains a bit strange to me yet is the fact that when I returned to my initial set up with no weather function activated (only ROR panel and Power relays panel), the system was stable even with the I2C SDA and SCL wires plugged in...
Is there a mix of software and hardware causes ?
I will let you aware of the future outcomes.

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