Re: Problems after implementing weater functions


Last update for today @ 16:30 h UT:
Good point for me : I think I have found the cause of the instabilities and cured them.
Bad point for you Howard : It seems to be the latest version of OCS (2.31).
Let me explain : I implemented the Weather functions and connected all the sensors except the SQM sensor TSL2591 in my currently operating OCS version 2.1c, and not in the latest version that I had downloaded when I first attempted to implement the Weather functions. And now it works stable ! No hang up or reboot during at least 144 minutes (85 minutes with the relaus OFF and 59 minutes with the relay ON, as you can see !

The problem of frequent hang up and reboot seems had disapeared and seems then to be caused by using the latest version of OCS (3.21).
The Weather plots are still empty. Here I have made no progress... I will see tomorrow after more time spent. What is the supposed frequency of the updates for these plots ?
I will keep you also informed when I try to connect the original Adafruit TSL2591 in place of the clone one, in order to get this SQM function operate.
Best regards,

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